Simply Faces’ Signature Facial

This 60 min facial is a non-negotiable MUST for your skin.  Tailored to each skin's specific needs, this treatment will include 2 complete cleanses, skin-vacuuming for exfoliation &improvement of circulation, extractions to clarify & the legendary facial massage to oxygenate, stimulate & encourage further exfoliation before finishing with a mask & vitamin-packed moisturiser. Potent levels of plant extracts are fragranced only by natural essential oils; the result is a truly rejuvenating experience. A MUST for those who know that Wellness extends to their skin too.


Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

The eyes tell it all. The skin around the eyes gives away more secrets about your age & health than any other part of your body.  Argan Oil is rich in the anti-aging squalene, vitamins & essential fatty acids we produce in lesser amounts as our bodies age (the aging process begins in our twenties & is exacerbated in areas of strong sunlight, like Florida). Pressed from rare Ethiopian Green coffee bean oil, this serum provides powerful anti-oxidants & helps with blood circulation around the eyes, producing smoother skin with less discoloration.


Healthy Back ‘Facial’

An essential for every dedicated ‘gym’-body, this very-deep Cleansing process consists of aromatic steaming, exfoliation, & then micro-examination of the impossible-to-reach areas that are often prone to blemishes & stray hair…something you simply can't do yourself. A light massage & a relaxing, tailor-made mask finish this 30minute cleansing essential. Ensure your skin’s wellness with this healthy, detoxifying treat while simultaneously nurturing~perfect for alleviating clogged areas. This treatment is perfect to give the back a beautiful glow for special occasions.



Shirodhara, an element of Ayurvedic medicine, has been used for 5,000 years in India, based on the principle that gentle but constant application of warm oil stimulates healthy blood circulation to the brain.  Shirodhara, a Sanskrit word (Shiro: meaning Head, Dhara: meaning Flow), combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with purifying, nourishing & strengthening the body on a deep, cellular level. Shirodhara is commonly prescribed to reduce stress & relieve its effects on the nervous system such as tension, anxiety, anger & depression. It is also used to treat disorders affecting parts of the head such as the eyes, nose, ears, neck & nervous system. A steady & continuous stream of warm, relaxing oil is poured across your forehead at a point that is said to be the location of your third eye chakra: the physical ‘seat’ of your perception, intuition, imagination & concentration. After the treatment, you will remain on the massage table for around 10 minutes so that you can continue your therapeutic relaxation quietly. The result is a very deep state of calm, making it an effective treatment for migraine, visual difficulties, insomnia, psychosis & scattered thought processes.


Make Up Lessons & Application

Again, as with all Simply Faces treatments, the emphasis is on Education. We all have ‘flaws’, whether obvious or almost imperceptible, which we would like to conceal. Make Up is an empowering ‘tool’ which can change a person’s mood entirely! Who couldn't use a happy bump in self-assurance?! There's something special about everybody and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful, should feel beautiful and has the ability to shine, so let us show you how to look your absolute best. Make Up is our favorite passion, let’s make it yours too!