Oncology Aesthetics


It is our policy to help educate every patient that we see. We will confidentially discuss the patient’s symptoms with them and how they should continue their care, at home, until their next appointment. For us, it is crucial that a patient understand why their symptoms are occurring, how long those symptoms are likely to last and how we propose to assist in eradicating the problem. Bringing the patient clarity allows for peace of mind and encourages them to continue their aftercare at home so as to remedy the current condition as soon as possible. The Clinical Oncology Esthetician is always available to discuss any questions or concerns between patient visits.


Sanitation, health and safety will be strictly adhered to as set by OSHA and the State of Florida regulatory standards. They are a crucial and non-negotiable part of the treatment process. We fully understand that while a patient is undergoing treatment for Cancer, their body’s ability to resist disease and infection is compromised. Extensive are followed to maintain scrupulous sanitation.


There are many product lines formulated specifically for use during Cancer treatment and for those suffering Auto-immune disease and Dermatological disorders.  The very high standards employed in the creation and formulation of these product, bring peace of mind to both therapist and patient knowing, without doubt, they are using the safest and highest quality available.


Education and Workshops, allowing patients and their care-giver(s) to have informal group discussions or listen to Aesthetic and wellness presentations are something we value highly as a way of getting to know our patients even better and promoting an environment of relaxation alongside their medical care. Light refreshments are provided and we advocate giving this time to patients on a regular basis so that we can build a rapport with everyone we treat.