About Simply Faces

Simply Faces’ Principal, Susan Watts, was born and educated in London, United Kingdom. She spent 17 years working in the International financial currency markets before relocating permanently to Naples, FL in 2002.  She decided to dedicate the second phase of her career to her passion of skin-health and wellness, quickly moving into the field of Clinical Oncology Aesthetics upon learning there was no Estheticians  certified in SW Florida to help those in need. She enjoys dividing her time between healthy clients, and ‘health-challenged’ clients seeking comfort from the skins side effects of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Auto-Immune disorders. She writes for a number of publications and is currently working alongside the American Cancer Society, Oncology Infusion Services, Make A Wish Foundation, and other non-profit organizations around the US by volunteering her time.


Susan is a graduate of the Janet Filderman Formula in London; the beauticians to the Royal Families of the UK, Saudi Arabia and Sweden. Their most well-known client was HRH Princess Diana and Susan is the only Beautician in the US who offers the facial method originally created for Diana.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (UK) in Statistic Analysis and Economics, as well as being a graduate of The Royal College of Music.